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"Yet you deny to yourself the credit of generous impulses!".
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So, after Mr. Bergan had politely assented to his observations upon the dulness of Berganton, and somewhat pointedly remarked that perseverance and energy, when conjoined with upright habits, were pretty sure to command a reasonable measure of success anywhere, the conversation turned aside into other channels. The opportunity for a frank explanation鈥攚hich could alone have placed him upon his proper footing with his new-found relatives鈥攚as lost. It would not return until it was too late to be of any considerable service.!
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"Not at all. It is plain common-sense. The history of the world shows it. Perhaps there is no better type of pure intellect than Satan. And Michael the archangel does very well for a representative of love, duty, and intellect, combined. You remember which beat?".

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"Good morning. Have you a vacant room for me?"
The truthful accents found their instant way to the child's heart. Her confidence鈥攚hich, in truth, had really never been lost鈥攚as restored fourfold. She threw herself into his arms, and laid her young cheek against his, in a loving attempt to atone for the wrong that had been done him. Nix came also, and rubbed his great head against the young man's knee, with an apparent understanding of the whole matter.
"Granted, for the sake of argument," replied Doctor Remy, composedly. "Then you may believe that it is not your efforts which gain a cause, but the 'power above,' of which you speak."
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